Attached Staff

Health Visitor

The health visitor service is provided by VirginCare Intergrated Children Services and can be contacted on  03332341901


Community Nurses

The community nurses are provided by LIVEWELL giving nursing care to patients who are confined to their own homes.  Messages for the team may be left with the receptionist at the Medical Centre.


Specialist Palliative Care Nurse

The palliative care team can be contacted via St Lukes Hospice on 01752 964200


A community midwife is attached to the practice and shares the responsibility of maternity care with the doctor. The First appointment can be booked with a midwife before the tenth week of pregnancy.    



We have a physiotherapist, Natalie Summers who is provided by LIVEWELL. If you feel you would benefit from physiotherapy, please speak to reception. 



The Podiatry Service provides education, support and treatment for patients with problems affecting the foot and lower limb. This is a service based on clinical need and risk, with priority given to those patients with the highest foot health needs and risks. Access for an assessment of your needs is by referral via a health care professional such as your doctor or nurse.

Please note that there is a waiting list for this service for patients whose referrals are not triaged as putting them at immediate medical risk and that the service is provided by NHS Plymouth on a part-time basis and is independent of Yealm Medical Centre.

You may or may not be offered on-going care depending on your individual needs and the exact nature of the problem you have and the risk of potentially serious complications. 


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