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Tel: 01752 880 567
Market Street

Welcome to Yealm Medical Centre.

All of us here at the Practice would like to warmly welcome you to our web site.



We will be moving to a new website provider very soon.  Please let us know any feedback that would help us in ensuring it has all the functions that would make it user-friendly.

Send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Due to patient demand the Partner's have made the decision to upgrade the telephone system. This will allow us to continue to run a safe practice and put you through to the correct person to assist you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Drs Hirst, Davies, Cooper, Morrison, Goodall, Jack and Mrs Shenton



Dr Hirst is retiring on Friday 30th March 2018.  He will be sadly missed after 27 years at Yealm Medical Centre.  His contribution to the practice has been remarkable.

 We have successfully recruited a new GP, Dr Jack Seddon, who will be joining the practice in April 2018.  We hope you will extend our warm welcome to him.

 We thank you for your continued support.

 Drs Hirst, Davies, Cooper, Morrison, Goodall, Jack and Mrs Shenton



From time to time we need to patient feedback and to make this easier for you, we are now offering a virtual platform for this to happen.  If you would be happy to be contacted from time to time about the services we run, please provide your email address and consent to the Reception team.

Please note that your contact information is kept confidential at all times.




Further dates will be added shortly









MIG (The Medical Interoperability Gateway)

Another IT based clinical data sharing system

But for patient benefit this time !

This is a new system that has now become available in primary care. The concept is that other health providers (eg DevonDoctors Out of Hours GPs, or Derriford Hospital ) would be able to access basic clinical information if needed.

The clinician seeing the patient at the time would have to seek that patient’s consent, and whatever is seen cannot be stored or held (“read-only view”).  The data remains under the practice’s control, is not transferred and cannot be altered by third parties. We would be notified that a given patient’s records had been accessed. The clinical record cannot be seen without the patient’s consent in the consultation, at that time. Consent is valid for that consultation only.

The information that could be shared is limited. This would include medical summary of diagnoses, problems and operations, prescribed medication, drug allergy, investigation results such as blood tests. Blood pressure measurements, a list of referrals and hospital admissions, and patient demographics (name, date of birth, address) would also be available. The most important point is that the “free text” of what is said or written within consultations would not be visible.

There is great potential clinical benefit from this system, and should help out of hours and hospital doctors to provide much better informed and safer care. This system is already in widespread use elsewhere in England, including all practices in Cornwall and over half in Devon already.

We appreciate that there are great sensitivities and anxieties about the prospect of “outsiders” accessing personal medical information. This system has been long in the making and unlike some recent projects, is designed specifically for the patients’ benefit and healthcare. It will help to prevent patients having to go through their entire medical history and list of medication every time they speak to another doctor. Feedback from the medical side has also been very positive, for avoiding unnecessary investigations and prescribing errors.

 We wish to give plenty of notice before signing up so that people can have the opportunity to opt out if they wish. All you have to do is let Yealm Medical Centre know in writing, by post or email. We can then put on the relevant codes to block access. There is one code for “Total prevention” of on-line sharing of data, and a different code for “MIG-only” prevention of on-line sharing.

This is independent of previous (and still valid and working) “blocking codes” against uploading of data to the National NHS spine database, and the care.data programme that many of you have asked us to apply.

If you do wish to opt out, please state whether you wish the “Total” code or “MIG only” code. But please remember that this is not some blanket access to patient data, but a case by case process with consent required each and every time.

 We plan to sign up and link at Yealm Medical Centre from October 1st, 2015.

For our Fair Processing (Privacy) Notice please click on 'General Info' on the main menu (on the left hand side) and then click on 'Data Protection' (which can be found on the right hand side of the page).

For more information, please follow the link below.



All Patients are allocated an Accountable GP



 You may be aware that practices are required to provide all their patients' a named GP who will have overall responsibility for the care and support that our practice provides to them.


We will be communicating this information to you via a variety of methods.  You may see this on your prescription tear off slip, you may be told during your next consultation, on our web-site, practice booklet or you may receive a text message.


Please note this is for information purposes only.


You may of course continue to consult with another doctor of your choice at any time, however for on-going problems we would advise that wherever possible you consult with the same GP.



As a practice we are committed to sharing your feedback and it has been brought to the attention of the GP’s that there is an increasing demand on our Repeat Prescription Service.

Please may we kindly remind patients to allow 2 working days (not including weekends or bank holidays) to process a repeat prescription request.  Requests made after 4pm on a Friday will not be available for collection from the Dispensary or chosen Pharmacy until the following Wednesday.

Unfortunately when this isn’t followed it takes time away from preparing your prescription, as the Dispenser then has to explain the process to you – please help us to help you.

We appreciate that this may sometimes cause inconvenience but it is necessary in order to allow the Doctor time to review your medication and to add any reminders for tests or appointments.  It also allows time for the Dispensary or Pharmacy to order medication that may not be readily available at the time of ordering.

If you require medication urgently and cannot wait for 2 working days then please ask to speak to a Doctor.


We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Drs Hirst, Davies, Cooper, Morrison, Goodall, Jack and Mrs Claire Shenton




GP Survey Report

Please take a moment to see how we are doing. Click here to download the survey report.


CQC Report


Medical Research at Yealm Medical Centre

Yealm Medical Centre is proud to be involved in medical research in Primary Care.

We are part of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network for the South West Peninsula- it is funded by the Department of Health to promote and organise research studies in health.
Its aim is to improve the care for all patients by obtaining evidence for better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Primary Care and Yealm Medical Centre is actively involved in recruiting for a number of studies that run concurrently.
You may be asked to take part in this research. Whilst we will encourage you to do so, you will not be put under any obligation to take part. We understand that you might not want to participate in research and want to reassure you that by not doing so will not affect the usual high standard of care that we will continue to provide for you.

Drs Hirst, Davies, Cooper, Morrison, Goodall, Jack and Mrs Claire Shenton


Practice Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am   to  6:00pm
Tuesday 8:30am   to  6:00pm
Wednesday 8:30am   to  6:00pm
Thursday 8:30am   to  6:00pm
Friday 8:30am   to  6:00pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


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Friends & Family Test


Our friends and family test has started and is available for completion in the practice and via our text messaging service.

Patient Feedback

  •  All round good medical practice. Thanks
  • The service was good but because I wanted to discuss three health issues I was told that was 'too much for a short appointment' and I needed to arrange another appointment at a different time. It is not easy to get time off work to attend the GP!
  • Very happy with surgery and my GP always polite and helpful
  • Yealm Medical Practice is very good and Dr Morrison was excellent for me today - I'm very grateful.
  • Excellent efficient service from really helpful Doctor. Particularly impressed by immediate pharmacy service meaning one less journey in to pick up prescription. This is a great improvement.







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