Text Messaging and Video Consultations with AccuRx


AccuRx is a software system that the practice uses to communicate with our patients via your mobile telephone. We use it to send text messages (called ‘Chain’), perform video calls, collect details about your symptoms (called ‘Florey’), and as a means for you to send us photos. It is something that we will be using more and more. You cannot contact us directly through AccuRx, a conversation needs to be initiated by the practice first. There is more information below:

For more information on how AccuRx works click here

AccuRx is an NHS digital approved supplier. To find out the details, click here

AccuRx is compliant with privacy rules that govern how your data is stored. The video consultation service is fully secure and compliant with GDPR and DCB0129. The video and audio communication is only visible to participants on the call and transmitted over an encrypted connection. It is not recorded or stored on any server. The AccuRx Data Processing Agreement / Privacy Notice from 24.5.2020 can be found here